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Why should SLPPOA initiate water billing?

  How SLPPOA rates based on EPA's 10 key water system management areas.



A 2011 engineering proposal estimated costs for upgrades would be $1.15 million.

A 2021 engineering report estimated costs would be $3-5 million.



Our community has failed to plan for funds to repair, replace  and maintain our aging infrastructure.

The annual dues cannot keep up with the improvement costs and we currently only have enough funds to band-aid and duct tape our pipes.

System 1 has been leaking over 300,000 gals/mon. for the last 3 years--a loss of 10,800,000 gals.

From 2016-2021 we leaked 37,000,000 gallons into the ground. We have wasted money on electricity, chemicals, and put excessive wear on the pumps and equipment.

According to engineers and community technicians

*  Our water system infrastructure is almost 50 years old.

*  Many of the water lines were of inappropriate grades of pipe and were installed around 1973 and there is no known engineering that went into the design or installation.

*  There has not been regular maintenance since the systems were installed. We have been in reactive instead of proactive mode.

*  Our storage capacity will not meet current peak-day demands, and allow for system maintenance.

*  Our 5 miles of main lines are antiquated and substandard. We have little knowledge of what we have in the ground. Isolation valves on the main line are hard to find. Leak chasing and repair will be our MO for the short term as a full replacement could take 1-2 yrs to plan/finance and another 2-5 years to implement.

*  Hardware, like shutoff valves and pressure reducing valves have elastomeric components that fail over time.

*  The reliability of the saddle connections for individual lots is unknown. Old connections and fittings are all suspect.

*  Repairs to PVC have been done under urgency to restore service. Some repairs did not wait or warm the repair slightly to accelerate the cure. Joints were lucky to get an hour of cure in spring time temperature. New repairs carry the risk of creating new leaks from bad workmanship or faulty hardware interface.